Every year, my friend, Paulina and I go all out for the holidays.  2021,  I came up with a decorating contest known as the Mistletony's.  We decorated one part of our homes for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas and you were the judge of who won.  Then New Year's Eve, we announced who the winner was.  Paulina won all three rounds. But, 2022, I am coming for her! This year's Mistletony rounds will a Costume Contest for Halloween, the best family portraits for Thanksgiving, and we'll finish the Holiday with a Gingerbread House Contest.  Let the games begin!

2021 Round 1: Winner- Paulina

Paulina's Front Door:

Chef Tae said decorate the door but I didn't listen. Also ignore my niece and all her stuff on the floor.

2021 Round 2: Winner- Paulina

 2021 Round 3: Winner- Paulina