Tra'Von Williams Meal Prep Week 2

Thank you so much for choosing Chef Tae to provide meal prep services for you.  The hardest part about embracing a healthy lifestyle is finding good healthy food to eat.  But, once you've got that, you're golden!  And that's where I come in.  Below you will find a calendar with my meal selections for you based off of the parameters you gave me.  Let's go over them!

  • no fried foods
  • no super fatty foods
  • no shrimp
  • no crab
  • no pork
  • 2 meals a day

I am currently ut of town, catering in VA.  So, I will not have your food ready in time for Mondays lunch.  But, I should be right on time for Monday's dinner.  So this weeks menu will be 10 meals from Monday to Saturday!  The prices listed do not include a delivery fee.  You are more than welcome to pick up from me in Decatur or I can deliver to you. To purchase, click here.