Nursing Photoshoot

Nursing Photoshoot

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Guests: 6

Shea!  Thank you for your continued support of Allante's Kitchen.  Here are the menu options I have developed for the 6 of you.

Chicken & Waffle Kabobs

BBQ Parfaits

a mason jar layered with macaroni and cheese, baked beans, pulled chicken bbq and topped with sweet potato souffle

Peach Cobbler Uncrustables

tasty peach cobble conveniently nestled between two slices of bread, toasted and served with cream cheese icing.

I chose this menu because, no matter how much you encourage them not to, your guests will try to eat during the shoot.  And to avoid the chances of  spills on clothes or makeup looking less than perfect, I have come up with small, yet filling, options.

As always, I am only going to charge you for ingredients and supplies so this will cost you $200.