LaFrancis & Steven Painter's Wedding Menu Options

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Venue: The Westminister
Colors: Browns & Nudes
Guests: 200

Dum dum duh dum!  Here comes the bride!  Oh, I'm so excited for you guys.  And Im just as excited that you are considering me to come and show out for you and your guests.  I have been catering for over 5 years and it is something I definitely have come to master.  Once a deposit is paid, that holds your date and clears my calendar.  I will make sure that I am not catering any other events the weekend of your event to make sure that your wedding day has my undivided attention.  When I arrive, I do my own setup to assure that the buffet table not only looks good but has everything needed to make serving easy.  Once everyone has eaten, any remaining food will be removed and set in the kitchen and the buffet will be broken down to allow the cake to be the star of the show.  I will need a head count for the number of people working during your big day that will also need a plate set to the side to prevent them from being left out.  I will need 1-2 hours for set up and take down.  

I can assure you, none of your food will come from a grocery store.  It will all be from a local butcher and prepared in a safe space.  If you would desire a tasting, I can come to Suffolk to provide one but, that will be an additional fee.  If you choose to go this route, I suggest inviting a few friends and making a dinner out of it.

I took everything we spoke about and came up with several options.  You can choose as many as you would like

Cocktail Hour $1,350 ($6.75pp)

if we do Butler Pass, it is an addition $1,000 for servers

 table with 4 sides of delicacies
Side 1- Shrimp Cocktail
Side 2- Assorted Charcuterie
Side 3- Assorted Fruit
Side 4- Bruschetta


Dinner Options




Boneless Porkchops with a Bourbon Apple Glaze $50
just for bride & groom
Macaroni & Cheese $200
Fried Cabbage $120
An Assortment of Chicken Breast quarters and Chicken Leg quarters stuffed with spinach $1,200
Basmati Rice $120
Roasted Vegetables $200
Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Red Wine and a Mushroom Reduction $1,500
Buttered Pecan Cornbread $120

 Kids Menu (kids only! -30) $150

Burger & Hot Dog Bar- Burger Sliders and mini Sausages with an assortment of toppings so that parents can prepare them for the children

 Drinks $300

Peach Punch
Sweet Tea

If the Bride & Groom would like their own side of Brussels Sprouts, to fit in one plastic to go container, that will be $10.  For their own pan of Macaroni & Cheese, that will be $45.  Please let me know if this should be added.


Based off of the selections you guys have made, This dinner will cost $5,310 or $26.55 per person.  Your Staff total come to $500.  As of now, my travel fee is $1,200. So your overall total is $7,010 and that includes a Family & Friends Discount because of Steven helping me with my marketing over the years. I require a $500 deposit be paid as soon as possible to reserve your date.  For out of state bookings, the travel fee is non-refundable unless something should arise on my end.

DISCLAIMER: as the cost of food continues to rise, these prices are subject to change. The price of Cocktail Hour has changed due to the rise of the cost of seafood.  With gas steadily increasing, the cost of food will too. But, I promise to try to buy the best ingredients within our budget.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or text me at 470-503-7241