Thompson Family Reunion

Thompson Family Reunion

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Date: September 2-4
Guests: 200

A Family Reuuuuuniiiiooon!  Like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.  I am so happy that you are considering Chef Tae to cater your annual Family Reunion.  After careful consideration and talking with some family members of my own, I've come up with a menu I'm sure you will appreciate.  I have placed the price beside each item so that way you can decide if you would like all of the options or pick and choose.

Fish Fry Friday

Wherever the location, I will bring my fryers and served fresh, hot fish!
fish $2,600
shrimp $2,200
scallops $2, 200
french fries
hush puppies


As long as the location is local, I will bring my 8 burner grill
Lamb Kabobs $1,000
tender lamb, chery tomatoes, red onions and an assortment of peppers on a skewer
Jerk Chicken $604
BBQ Parfaits $1,000
baked beans, macaroni & cheese, bbq pulled chicken, topped with sweet potato souffle in an 8oz jar
Soul Food Cupcakes $300
cornbread, "iced" with mashed potatoes, and garnished with your choice of chicken nuggets or wingettes
Mashed Potato Bar $600
mashed potatoes, bacon, cheese, chives and an array of other toppings for guests to choose from
Fried Cabbage

Brunch Sundays

Menu may need to be adjusted depending on the location
Chicken and Waffle Bar $2,200
Fried Chicken, Waffle Mix so guests can make their own waffles, peach cobbler, cheese sauce and gravy as options for toppings
Omelet station $1,200
eggs, cheese, bacon, sausage, ham and an assortment of vegetables for guests to choose from as a cook prepares them to order.
Parfait Bar $400
yogurt, granola, bananas and seasonal fruit
Home Fries $400
Grits $740
Cereal Bar $400
two different cereals of your choice and 2 different milks


After you select what you would like, I will calculate the total.  Your deposit that holds your date is 50%.  We can set up a payment plan where you may make payments up until August 5th when the final balance will need to be paid.  Deposits are not refundable unless I do not fulfill my obligations as a chef.